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Where to Live Best in Birmingham

If you are plan to move and live in Birmingham, you better seek the help of the city’s real estate agents Coventry is a vast city with many urban towns that offer great opportunities for the strong-willed. Though usually overlooked by many, Birmingham is actually one of the world’s top cities and the residents are always up for meeting success in their businesses and careers.

Before deciding where you want to move in, it will be worth checking the following list of the best places to live in Birmingham:

  1. Moseley Village – Dubbed as the best place to live in the UK, Moseley is a cosmopolitan district filled with young and ambitious professionals. Aside from being J.R.R. Tolkien’s former home, Moseley is famous for its Cannon Hill Park, a 215-acre asset that is a peninsula of beautiful lakes and elegant Victorian gardens. Moseley is also widely known for the residents’ sense of community.
  1. Bournville – This urban town is home to the Cadbury World, which is an educational center that presents and teaches visitors about the chocolate industry. There is also the Bournville Centre for Visual Arts and various high-quality schools that make it an appealing town for the families of scholars and artists.
  1. Edgbaston – Birmingham’s most picturesque areas neighbor this town. Edgbaston is home to Warwickshire CCC and England cricket test matches. Another thing you will love about the area are the Victorian flats that you can occupy at affordable prices.

Ask about the opportunities in finding a place to live in these towns from your estate agents. Birmingham offers a living opportunity with no regrets.

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